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    Need Unwanted Items Removed?

    If you have recently renovated, or cleaned out an area of your home, chances are you might end up with a pile of unwanted items that are not in condition for resale or donation. That's where our local junk removal services come in. Just look up 'Junk Removal Near Me' and you can dispose of any unwanted items by giving us a call, providing us with a general description of what you need to get rid of, and we can quote you a great low price to come and pick it up and dispose of it safely for you. We'll take it off your hands quickly and easily, so you can have a clean space and clear property once again. We remove items such as TVs, Mattresses, Home Appliances, Furniture, Tires, Car Batteries, Air Conditioners, Electronics, Computers, Wood Pallet Disposal, Monitors, Household items, and more.


    All our pricing takes into account disposal / dump fees and labor involved. We offer discounts for multiple items! We work hard to keep our prices as affordable as possible, while still offering top notch removal services! Common items are Mattresses, box springs, couches, sofas, loveseats, recliners, dressers, armoirs, appliances, AC Units, Washer and Dryers, tables, desks, chairs, benches, large TV consoles, TVs, and more!


    • Car Tires
    • Hot Tubs
    • Wooden Swing Sets
    • Wooden Sheds

    Our Junk Removal Services

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    Home Cleanout​

    Junk Removal

    construction junk removal

    Debris & Construction​

    Material Removal

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    Large Items/Appliance Removal

    Furniture Removal


    When To Call for Junk Removal

     We provide our removal services to all types of customers, homes and businesses. We find that most people call for junk removal when they have recently upgraded appliances, or purchased a home that had old or broken appliances and need a service like ours to come pick up and properly recycle them. Our service focuses on helping our customers by transporting the unwanted items, furniture, debris, or other materials that cannot be sold or donated, to the proper facilities depending on the materials, so they can be properly recycled or reused. We care about the environment, and provide our junk removal service so that you have options not to leave debris to pollute your property, but you can call us to get trash removed the right way. Old tires get recycled and used to make things like playground equipment. Many things can be recycled in ways that are beneficial, so anything you have that you want to junk, call us first to take it off your hands. 

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    If you are located on the South Shore MA and need a great quote for quick and easy junk removal service near you, don't hesitate to give us a call today! These are some of the towns we service: 

    Junk Car Removal Service South Shore MA

    When a vehicle has literally come to the end of its life, many of its parts can live on through removal and recycling. If you have a junk car on your property that no longer can be restored or used, call our Junk Removal pros for fast and easy car removal service. Free up that space on your property, and help out the environment too, by getting old broken down cars to the right place to be used for scrap metal and parts. If you are searching for junk car removal near me, look no further! We service a large portion of the south shore for junk car pick up, and all you have to do is give us a quick call to book our service. Additionally we also service: 

    • Junk car removal Stoughton
    • Junk car removal Brockton
    • Junk car removal Canton
    • Junk car removal Bridgewater
    • Junk car removal Raynham
    • Junk car removal Holbrook
    junk car removal brockton ma
    scrap metal removal near me

    Brockton's Best Scrap Metal Removal Service

    Scrap metal removal service is important, as metals can be reused and recycled for many things. Are you searching for scrap metal pick up near me? Our scrap metal junk removal service is here to help! Scrap metal can result from many things, old appliances, parts, household renovations, flashing, old fixtures, rebar, and more. Metal is not often picked up by town garbage collection services, and businesses such as our junk removal service are the ones to call first for scrap metal pick up. We service the South Shore area and work hard to provide fast and easy pick up times for all our customers. 

    Junk Electronics and Computers Removal Service

    Guess what? We also will take old computers, TVs, monitors, VCRs, stereos, broken electronics, old phones, and any other old electronic gadgets that you cannot use. That old TV from 1980 that you've recently upgraded is something you can call us to pick up as well. Giant old computers that have broken and you can't even buy parts to repair anymore means it's time to get rid of it. Cleaning out a garage or basement and you find a pile of broken headphones, wires, cables, adapters that don't belong to anything? You can get them and all other old and non-working electronics picked up and hauled away instead of taking up space and collecting dust on your property.  Call us for junk electronics removal services today! 

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