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Nothing lasts forever, and unfortunately that includes our cars.  But what do you do with a car that’s no longer in re-sellable condition?  You don’t want it sitting on your property rusting away, that’s for sure.  Old junk cars are more than just unpleasant to look at; they can also be an environmental hazard, or pose a risk for personal injury.

Luckily, if you’ve got the junk, we’ve got the trucks to take it away!  South Shore Junk Removal Pros is here to help out with any type of junk car or junk tire removal.  We take all types of vehicles and can get the job done quickly and safely.  We transport all vehicles to appropriate waste facilities for you.

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When Is It Time To Junk Your Car?

We’ve all seen those cars that look like they’re part of the landscape they’ve been there so long. If your car looks like the one in the picture, you know it’s too far gone.  But in most cases it’s not always easy to tell when it’s time to let go of a vehicle.  They’re big investments, and often carry a lot of sentimental value, so we tend to want to hold onto them for as long as possible.  But eventually, all cars reach the point where it is no longer a viable option to re-sell them, and the cost of repair/ restoration would outweigh the overall value of the car itself. 

The first thing you want to consider is the age of your car.  Technically, a car needs to be at least three years old to be eligible for “junker” status… though many cars last much longer than that with proper care.  Anything that was manufactured before the early 2000’s isn’t going to have all the safety features that modern cars have, so its re-sell value is going to be quite low.  Classic cars are the exception to this rule; though they also lack many modern safety features, they’re collectible status bolsters their worth considerably.

The second thing you’re going to look at is the amount of damage.  Any significant damage—such as bad brakes, a compromised frame, a large amount of rust, engine trouble, etc.—is likely going to cost you more to repair than you’ll get back from re-selling the car if it was manufactured anytime in the last 25-30 years or so.  Cosmetic damage, like torn or stained upholstery and scratched paint, will also be expensive to fix.  You can easily get estimates on the cost of repair and refurbishment by looking at average prices online or contacting your local auto shop; if the combined cost of repairing the car exceeds the standard blue book value for resale, then it’s time to junk the car.

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    Benefits of Getting Junk Cars Removed

    There are a lot of benefits to getting an old junker off of your property.  The most obvious one is that you’re getting rid of an eyesore; neither you nor your neighbors have to look at a big hunk of metal slowly rusting away.  But did you know that junk car removal will also help out the environment?  Our staff South Shore Junk Removal Pros will ensure that your car is taken to a facility where it can be disposed of in a safe, eco-friendly manner.  Any useable scrap metal or parts can be recycled into the production of new vehicles, which reduces manufacturing demands.  Additionally, getting the junk car off your hands means you avoid the hazards of old oil/ fluids or other dangerous materials leaking out and building up on your property. If it’s too late for car repair, give us a call today. 

    There’s also the possibility of making a little money off of your unused car.  A lot of salvage companies will pay for old junk cars so that they can harvest them for parts or scrap metal.  South Shore Junk Removal Pros is more than happy to help transport your junker to a salvage yard for you. ​

    Junk Tire Removal South Shore MA

    If you have old, unusable tires that you’d like taken away, South Shore Junk Removal Pros is happy to lend a hand!  We can easily pick up any old tires on your property any day of the week, and transport them to an eco-friendly recycling facility. Tire removal is something we offer as part of our service, as you cannot dispose of tires in regular trash pick up or dumpsters, because there is a fee to dispose of them properly. 

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    South Shore Junk Removal Pros is proud to say that we’re the best local junk removal service in all of the South Shore area!  We can boast the lowest fees, quickest pick-up times, and best overall service quality.  Customers love our friendly and courteous staff, and have trusted us for years to clear out the old from their homes in order to make room for better, brighter things! Looking up “junk car removal near me” on your smartphone? Give us a call!

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