Cost for Junk Removal

If you’ve landed on this page you are most likely looking for a quote to get your junk removed from your property. Typically each job is priced based on the amount to be removed, to account for physical labor costs, as well as the cost to haul it away, and if your items will be brought to the dump they will be priced according to weight. We take all these factors into account, as well as the convenience of hiring a service to take care of this for you. Price is always competitive and fair for each job. Please call us up so we can better assist you in providing a quote for our Junk Removal Services.

Need Junk Hauled Away?

Check out our complete list of services for types of junk and items we can haul away for you, and click to call us or simply fill out the form below with your information, so we can reach out and come remove unwanted junk from your property. Thank you for your business! 

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